Marketing or e-commerce

Selling on line is now essential for most businesses. The events of 2020 dramatically changed how goods and services are sold as the buying public recognised the ease, speed and convenience of online shopping. Even personal safety became a consideration for many. No longer a possible option - now an essential service.
When your on line shop is installed you will be able to change prices, products and more from your own device

Brochure web sites are particularly useful to professions, wholesalers and charities that wish to promote their brand, products or provide services without necessarily taking payments online.

Brochure sites can be anything from a one or two page "business card" site describing the business and contact details to a full display of an entire product range with specifications and information services.

Supporting your brand

Your website will meet your brand guidelines with a style and appearance consistent with your other sales and marketing materials.

It becomes recognisable as yours.

Photos you use whether of products or your premises should be good and clear.
Good 'photos build confidence.

Help visitors find you with an online map if you offer goods or services where you need customers to come to you.

Wholesaler, distributor or have several retail outlets? Make it easy for your customers with a store locator

Building trust

Secure connections and proper website hosting build confidence and help legal compliance.

Most website users are aware they should look for https:// and the SSL “padlock” for assurance that their interaction with you will not be interfered with.

Importantly major search engines are giving scant attention to sites without https:// and most modern browsers will warn visitors of websites considered "unsafe".

Chrome browsers may sometimes display differently in the address bar